A Call to Arms in Texas: A New Texas Therapists for Medicaid Reform

Texas dentists have done an excellent job of banning together during the last few years in which they have been attacked by some Texas legislators and an overzealous OIG enforcer. They have built a website dedicated to their views on Medicaid reform and everything that is wrong with how Dental Medicaid is processed in Texas. Their website is http://www.tdmr.org/.


Along these lines, Texas therapists represented in the various forms of therapy delivery models such as CORF/OPTs, general rehabs, individual practices, and therapy-only HCSSAs should now do the same by developing a conduit for expressing their views towards Texas Medicaid policies and procedures, under this same siege and with respect to particular regions in Texas. What we propose is a platform named “Texas Therapists for Medicaid Reform” or TTMP with a similarly structured web presence. What are your views on this? Will this further alienate the various therapy delivery model industries in Texas, exposing them to further undue scrutiny or will it unify the therapy facility masses once and for all?