Texas HHSC Lead Counsel and Former Main OIG Enforcer Resigns

On Friday, 12/12/2014, Jack Stick, the former OIG Deputy Inspector General for Enforcement and current lead HHSC counsel resigned amid controversy over alleged inappropriate influence peddling in  state contracts awarded totaling 110 million dollars to an Austin, Texas software company, 21CT, that supplied the platform (graph pattern analytics) for detecting Medicaid fraud for HHSC. In a separate issue, Mr. Stick apparently tried to influence the dropping of another contractor Truven, from a large enterprise data warehousing project for HHSC by pushing 21CT as a cheaper alternative during  a closed-door meeting with Commissioner Janek. See the following links:

More to follow. Also note that Mr Stick is still awaiting trial on his DWI charge from over 2 years ago.  This is due to be tried by a Travis County jury on February 19, 2015.