HHSC to Be Reorganized in 2016?

According to the Texas Legislative Sunset Advisory Committee, TxHHSC needs to be reorganized for better efficiency. In their eyes this meant consolidating that mega-organization into seven (7) separate but connected departments as opposed to the one large organization and the four smaller suborganizations that are currently the model. See https://www.texastribune.org/2014/12/10/lawmakers-move-forward-hhsc-consolidation for more detail on this proposed reorganization scheme. The question remains, will this consolidation make TxHHSC more responsive to the Medicaid therapy provider and client?

For example, the TxOIG is going to be revamped based on recent testimonials and troubles it has had with finances, collecting fines, spending money on unbid contracts and over zealousness. It will be in a department called Inspector General. The regulatory branch will have its own department and on and on. So, will these separate but connected departments share a common infrastructure, tools, software, data silos, etc? Will this then make the processes of enrollment and communications faster and/or more effective? As with any reorganization based on politics and old habits without bounds, it may take more than a mere re-structuring to accomplish a working efficiency in HHSC. Commissioner Janek must submit the plans for this re-organization by December 2015.