OIG Inspector General Wilson Resigns

TxHHSC OIG Inspector General, Doug Wilson, resigned this past Friday, being forced out by Gov. Rick Perry. Additionally, the wife of Mr. Wilson and that of Jack Stick were also put on indefinite leave. Jack Stick’s chief of staff was also put on indefinite leave as the Commission is seeking to remove any hint of a continuing conflict of interest from the fallout of the 21CT no-bid “Stick-gate” fiasco. See http://www.texastribune.org/2014/12/19/perry-fires-hhsc-inspector-general/ for more details.

Curiously, Mr. Stick is still being allowed to “finish off” some of his projects before leaving entirely. What may those projects be? Mr. Wilson’s testimony in hearings pertaining to OIG involvement in over zealous actions was often times terse and filled with “no knowledge of that” or ” will get back on that” types of answers from questions put to him by legislators.