Medicaid Revalidation/Re-enrollment (per ACA)

The ACA required states to re-enroll all eligible Medicaid providers by March 24, 2016. TMHP has issued this mandatory request to all Texas Medicaid providers who have enrolled after December 2012 with non-expired Medicaid licenses, to re-enroll per this need. Our experience has shown that because of required screening of these providers (by the OIG), the process is taking up to 6 months to enter the system and receive a new TPI. Hence, it is prudent to start your re-enrollment now so that the 3/24/2016 deadline does not become overwhelming to the system and to the provider applicant (i.e., this system delay may increase and an effective enrollment deadline would be months before 3/24/2016). A part of this re-enrollment/re-validation is a OIG unannounced audit visit before and after enrollment. SynerImages has prepared the known OIG requirements for this process in the form of an OIG-specific policies and procedures binder.

If you have not revalidated your Medicaid TPI number call our office for assistance and we will be happy to correctly and expeditiously complete the application and follow through with the TMHP revalidation process on that application on your behalf.

If you have already received a revalidated TPI with TMHP, but have not yet prepared your new OIG policies and procedures as required by Texas Medicaid, SynerImages offers this policies and procedures compliance binder for your continued participation.

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Author: Beverly Sepulveda

President/CEO of SynerImages Healthcare Consulting,LLC for over 18 years. SHC provides consultation services for ORFs, CORFs, General Therapy facilities and home health agencies. We also provide insurance contract services for initial and re-enrollment, application assistance with completing Medicare and Medicaid forms and re-validation applications.