Former Stick Aide and Janek Chief of Staff Received Free $100K MBA Program Tuition Via Taypayers

As if there were not enough problems with the governance of programs at HHSC, it was revealed that at least two HHSC employees working directly with Jack Stick and Kyle Janek received a full tuition ride courtesy of the Texas taxpayer, in direct violation of HHSC rules and possibly of law. See for more details.

Taypapers paid approximately $97,000 to cover full tuition for Janek’s current chief of Staff and Stick’s former aide, Casey Haney. Patricia Vojack, a former Janek State Senator aide, received $37,000 for an executive MBA program. In total HHSC has awarded $525,000 in tuition for HHSC employees since 2002.

The article cites close ties between these two individuals and the Stick family and Janek. Let’s see now, $525,000 is equivalent to how many units of therapy treatments and evaluations for deserving Medicaid children?