Letters to Write to Both the Texas LBB and the Federal CMS About Proposed Rate Cuts

With the recent activity of the rate cuts, it is as important now as anything else to write to those who can influence outcomes, regardless of the final rates that will be released, negotiated, or settled in court. Have your patients (parents of Medicaid beneficiaries and/or friend/advocates of them) and your working therapists write letters to CMS (email below) and the Texas Legislative Budget Board (LBB) (website below) with testimony about how a rate cut will endanger access to care for them on a personal level or to their patients.

Members of the LBB were the individuals, that with the approval and guidance of the legislative compromise committee members handling the final budget bill passed (SB 2), crafted behind closed doors, the language of SB 2 Rider 50, which in turn, gave the TX HHSC guidance on how much to cut from the Medicaid therapy services budget for the 2016-2017 biennial.

CMS contact:

Bill Brooks

CMS – Region 6

Associate Administrator for Medicaid and Children’s Health Operations
1301 Young Street, Suite 1124
Dallas, TX 75202


Letters to LBB:


Also, if you are not going to attend the public hearing on the latest rate proposal from the TX HHSC, you can instead submit electronic testimony (just as effective as in-person testimony) to: RADAcuteCare@hhsc.state.tx.us.

We do, though, encourage all to attend and testify to HHSC about these this latest rate cut proposal: